Ilana Wexler

Ilana Wexler

    Broad City
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Gowanus, Brooklyn with Jaime, a gay illegal immigrant and her unofficial tax accountant. Ilana can usually be found out roaming the streets of New York City with her best friend, Abbi Abrams.

Profession… saleswoman at Deals Deals Deals, a group discount website. Ilana Wexler has been bad at her job in just about every way imaginable. Constantly high on the job? Check. Poor hygiene? Check. Sleeping in bathroom stalls and refusing to do her job? Check. 

Interests… primarily marijuana; Ilana tokes up multiple times per day. She also enjoys ‘90s hip-hop and Roseanne.

Relationship Status… in a "friends with benefits" relationship with Lincoln, a whimsical dentist. Lincoln is ready to take their relationship to the next level, but Ilana just wants it to be “purely physical.” Ilana is extremely comfortable and confident with her body. She is bisexual and can often be found fantasizing about Rihanna or propositioning Abbi.

Challenge… staving off bankruptcy. Ilana is perpetually strapped for cash, and occasionally takes on odd jobs along with Abbi to supplement her income. Lincoln effectively serves as her financial backup plan.

Personality… free-spirited and content to people-watch all day on a park bench. Ilana’s approach to life is quite infectious, especially for the slightly more serious Abbi. Ilana is always casual and refers to everyone as “dude.” She has a dental veneer from the time she broke her front tooth on a dog bone. If she had to be a dog, she “would be a three-legged mutt because [she’d] be a highly respected minority and be all the other dog’s fetishes.” She is proud to say that she will go to the bathroom literally anywhere if necessary, and also on command.


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