Character Recommendations Based on Xiomara Villanueva

Yoda Star Wars Series

Intelligent, inscrutable old Jedi master, he is

Remus Lupin Harry Potter Series

Both intelligent and empathetic, Lupin is worn down by the weight of a secret

Judy Hopps Zootopia

Determined rookie cop with her floppy bunny ears to the ground

Oliver Queen Arrow

Billionaire playboy and sharpshooting vigilante

Han Solo Star Wars Series

There's no one cooler than this intergalactic smuggler. And he knows it

Sheldon Cooper The Big Bang Theory

Brilliant in every way except, well, interacting with any human being

The Doctor Doctor Who

A benevolent madman with a blue box, traveling through time and space to heal the wounds of the universe

Ron Weasley Harry Potter Series

What Ron lacks in motivation and book smarts, he makes up for in loyalty and street smarts

Maleficent Maleficent

Hell hath no fury like an evil fairy scorned

Flynn Rider Tangled

So charismatic, you might not mind when he steals from you