Eleanor and Park

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… with both her parents. While it wasn't perfect, Eleanor's life before her stepfather came along was still many times better than what it is now. Eleanor hates Richie – for hitting her mother, for neglecting his family, and for forcing Eleanor and her siblings to live in fear.

Living... in Omaha, Nebraska. Eleanor's the new girl at school and between her weight, her eccentricity, and her family's inability to afford proper clothes, she's bullied relentlessly. The one person who doesn't quite seem to hate her is Park, the boy she sits next to on the bus, and even that's uncertain for a while. 

Profession... high school student. Eleanor occasionally babysits for her dad and his new wife, but other than that, she's dependent on her mother and Richie for everything. That’s hardly an ideal situation, given that Richie's seeming hate for her.

Interests… books, comics, and music. Though school’s social elements are hell for her, Eleanor's pretty good at the academic side. Art helps Eleanor escape her nightmarish home life, and when her classmate Park Sheridan starts loaning her his comics and music, they soon become friends.

Relationship Status… dating Park. Their relationship starts out rocky – Eleanor mentally labels Park "stupid Asian kid" – the two soon bond as fellow misfits. Park becomes integral to Eleanor's life: “I don’t like you, Park,” she confesses, “I... think I live for you."

Challenge… surviving, at both home and school. Eleanor's life is already pretty hard, but things only get worse when she starts finding disturbing sexual comments written on her notebooks. But while the comments worry Park and Eleanor, with no way of finding out who wrote them, they can't do anything.

Personality… insecure and occasionally volatile, but resilient. Like most teenage girls, Eleanor has issues with body image and self-worth, but in her case, these problems are exacerbated by her abusive family and cruel classmates. Given all that, it's understandable that she can be rather little emotionally volatile. But despite all everything, Eleanor is a survivor. Richie may belittle her and her classmates may call her "weird or ugly," but Eleanor refuses to let their abuse change who she is or what she believes. 


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