Kurt Hummel

Kurt Hummel

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up…in Lima, Ohio, in a single-parent household with his father, Burt, after losing his mother at 8 years old. While Kurt and his father love each other very much, they rarely see eye to eye. Tensions have flared when Kurt sought to pursue ballet and singing lessons, while his father wanted him to join either the baseball or football team.

Living… in his father’s house on 415 Whitman Ave. (It’s the same home as Kurt’s fellow glee club member Finn, because Finn’s mom is now married to Kurt’s dad.) Inspired by interior decorating shows, Kurt constantly re-does his room to keep up with the latest trends.

Profession… an outcast high school student at William McKinley High School who becomes a central member of the glee club. Along with his teammates, including Rachel and Mercedes, Kurt works incredibly hard toward winning Sectionals, with the dream of one day making it to Show Choir Nationals.

Interests… fashion, Broadway musicals, interior decorating, singing, dancing, and performing. Passionate about fashion, particularly accessorizing, Kurt loves coming up with new styles and prides himself on always carrying the perfect accessory to complete his ensemble – whether it’s the ideal hat, bag, or bowtie. As Kurt puts it, “Every moment of your life is an opportunity for fashion.”

Relationship Status… single and closeted. Because he is closeted and there are very few (if any) openly gay students at McKinley, Kurt’s romantic life currently exists solely in his dreams and through secret crushes on other boys at school. Hopefully that would change if Kurt can somehow summon the courage it will take to come out.

Challenge… fitting in at McKinley and being honest about his sexuality. Due to his often-strange fashion choices and exuberant personality, Kurt was often tossed in a dumpster by the football players and accused of being gay. In addition to the bullying, Kurt is afraid of coming out because of the already shaky relationship with his father, a traditionally masculine man who owns a car repair shop. While Kurt desperately wants to be openly gay, these hurdles often place him in precarious situations.

Personality… courageous, resilient, glamorous, and compassionate. Kurt marches by the beat of his own drum. Even in the face of adversity, Kurt never once thinks about toning down his personality or changing who he is just to please other people. He is incredibly sassy and competitive in nature, believing himself to be the best and entitled to be treated as such. Even with this ego, Kurt is fairly grounded and ultimately cares more about his friendships than winning. 


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