Ethan Hunt

Ethan Hunt

    Mission: Impossible
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... on a farm in Wisconsin. His father died after a long illness, so his mom and Uncle Donald are the only family he has left.

Visiting... Prague for a covert mission for the Impossible Missions Force, a branch of the CIA. Five of them were sent on a mission after a former KGB Line X officer now working the international black market selling intelligence. They were told he wants the "NOC" (Non-Official Cover) agent list, and agents will be dead if the list gets in the hands of the wrong people.

Profession... former spy. He was fired after his latest mission went terribly wrong. The others on his mission are all dead, and his superiors blame him. They suspect Ethan is working with an arms dealer who wants to get a top secret "NOC" list of undercover agents. Ethan is determined to clear his name.

Interests... surfing the web. He is trying to search for clues to the real mole. He’s stumbled onto some cryptic messages from the Bible’s Book of Job.

Challenge... attempting the “Mount Everest” of hacks: getting the NOC list from a secured room in CIA's headquarters. It has a state of the art system with three levels of security. And if any one of these systems is set off, he’s history. To get through all of this, he's enlisted the help of few others, including two other agents that were disavowed like he was.

Personality... determined, fearless, and cocky. Despite what happened to him, Ethan remains confident in himself. He will not letting anything get in the way of his fight for justice. He never seems afraid – even if he is on top of a high-speed train with a helicopter chasing him and a tunnel coming up…


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