Victor Van Dort

Victor Van Dort

    Corpse Bride
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in a wealthy family, in a European village in the 1800s. Victor’s parents are fish merchants, but they don't have the status that Victoria's aristocratic family does. That's why their parents arranged for them to be married— Victoria's family needed the money, and Victor's needed the status.

Visiting… the Land of the Dead, where it’s a constant party of dancing and singing skeletons. But there's been a mistake: Victor's not dead. The last thing he remembers is rehearsing his vows for the wedding and putting his ring on what he thought was a twig branch. And then he ended up there married to a corpse named Emily, who thought the vows and ring were for her. Apparently, the "twig" Victor thought he put the ring on was actually Emily’s hand, reaching up from the grave. 

Interests... spending time with Scraps, his dog who had died. Victor has missed him. He's the best thing about coming to the Land of the Dead.

Relationship Status... tragic. Before, when he was practicing his vows, Victors was terrified of marriage. But now he realizes he can’t be without Victoria. He needs to be with her again, but her parents may already have arranged another marriage for her once they heard he had “died.”

Challenge... separating from Emily. Although she is beautiful (at least for a corpse), Victor doesn't love her and just wants to get out of the marriage and back to the land of the living. But Emily won't have it. She was tragically murdered the night before her wedding, and desperately wants another chance at love with Victor. And unlike Victor, Emily isn't the type to give up easily...

Personality... timid, bumbling, and anxious. Kind but cripplingly shy, Victor often has trouble saying the right words at the right time, much less standing up to anybody around him. Constantly self-doubting, Victor is always worrying or clumsily stumbling around. But in the Land of the Dead, finally free from the restrictive customs of Victorian society, he seems to be finally coming out of his shell.


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