Xiomara Villanueva
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Xiomara Villanueva

Jane the Virgin

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Grew Up… with a super-religious mother. So, when Xo got pregnant at age 16 it was a very big deal. Her mother, Alba, was not pleased, but still remained supportive of Xo and her daughter Jane.

Living… in Miami with her mother and daughter. Three generations living together under one roof can cause a lot of drama, but the Villanueva women always have their telenovelas (Spanish-language soap operas) to bring them together.

Profession… dance teacher.But, what Xo really wants is to be a singer. She sings at some clubs occasionally, and she’s been known to steal the spotlight with karaoke at parties. She wants to make it as a singer and she will work hard to make it happen.   

Interests… looking good and having fun. Xo has always been a bit of a party girl, and so the clubbing life in Miami is perfect for her.

Relationship Status… flitting about from fling to fling.  She recently slept with her ex, Bruce, but don’t tell Jane or Alba; they won’t be happy. Xo isn’t one for serious boyfriends, although Jane’s father might be making a comeback in her life.

Challenge… achieving her dreams while being a good mother to Jane. Xo works hard to be a singer, but she is also entirely dedicated to her daughter. When Jane somehow gets pregnant, despite being a virgin, Xo must especially rise to the challenge of being there for Jane.

Personality… irresponsible, fun-loving, and devoted to the people she loves. Xo may not be the most accountable, but she will always do her best in her own way to be supportive and generous.

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