Character Recommendations Based on Jemima Walker

Carol Peletier The Walking Dead

Her credo: Your strength comes from who you are, not who you used to be

Merry Brandybuck The Lord of the Rings

A troublemaking hobbit with a brave streak that some might call foolhardy

Javert Les Miserables

An inspector with a single-minded focus: To bring criminals to justice

Rebecca Doppelmeyer Ghost World

A former high school outcast who's tentatively shaking off her misanthropic personality

Martha Jones Doctor Who

A compassionate medical student who has found a Doctor she can really look up to

Pearl Steven Universe

Cool, calm, and collected… although you never know when she might crack a joke

Maggie Greene The Walking Dead

Don't underestimate a farm girl with a mission

Donna Noble Doctor Who

Sassy, smart, and stricken with unquenchable wanderlust

Lt. Commander Data Star Trek: The Next Generation

This android may not have emotions, but his curiosity about humanity is endless