Steven Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… somewhere far off in space, if you can say she grew up at all. Like all the Gems, Pearl’s real origins are unclear. Where did she come from? Why is she living in Beach City, a small seaside town?

Living… in a temple shaped like a giant woman, on the shores of Beach City, with two other Gems – Garnet and Amethyst – and Steven Universe, a half-Gem kid. The Gems used to live with Steven’s mother, Rose Quartz, but she disappeared when Steven was born.

Profession… Crystal Gem, defender of the world against attacks from monsters. Pearl is a gem, alien being that draw their superpowers from the gems embedded in their bodies. Pearl’s, in her forehead, allows her to create a magical spear and generate illusions. She also trains Steven to be a Crystal Gem. Pearl is dedicated and serious about her goals, to the point of being overbearing sometimes.

Interests… ballet, fencing, and cleaning. Pearl’s tastes are far more refined than some of her housemates – such as Amethyst, who she often fights with.

Relationship Status… single, and with seemingly no interest whatsoever in romantic relationships with humans. Pearl is so far removed from human culture that she doesn’t understand what a birthday party is, and reminisces wistfully why humans are so reliant on electricity these days when they got along fine without it for thousands of years.

Challenge…. fighting back the monsters that insist on attacking Beach City. Whether those monsters are after the Gems, Steven, Beach City, or the earth itself is a mystery.

Personality… caring and motherly but often uptight and rigid. Pearl cares deeply about protecting Steven, but she can be overprotective at times. She gets anxious easily, and often predicts the worst outcome in a situation. But she’ll protect her friends with her life.


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