Jemima Walker
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Jemima Walker

In The Flesh

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About Her

Grew Up… in the village of Roarton, in Lancashire, England. It’s a small place, and Jem knows everyone in the village. And they’ve all known her since she was little, too.

Living… in the same tiny place, but it’s changed. After the Rising, when the dead began to roam the land, killing living people, Roarton became the center of a militant resistance force called the Human Volunteer Force, or HVF. Now the “rotters,” or dead people, have been restored to their previous personalities and memories. But Roarton remains on high alert.

Profession… student. Technically, anyway. But Jem is the youngest member of the Roarton HVF, and during the Rising she was a soldier, protecting the town from the rabid dead. That’s a little awkward now that her older brother has come back. He had been one of the same monsters that she hunted all that time. Now he’s supposedly same old Kieran, just like always. Jem isn’t sure.

Interests… really loud music. If Jem’s home, it’s a sure bet she’ll be blasting heavy metal. Her room is plastered with posters of bands she likes.

Relationship Status… single. There might be a guy she likes, but honestly, she was too busy fighting for her life to worry about that stuff. Now, though, she might have a chance.

Challenge… choosing between her family and the HVF. Jem is proud to have protected people from the attacks during the Rising, and like any military group, the HVF has a strong bond. But the leader believes that even after regaining their personalities, the living dead still should be shot on sight. Jem doesn’t want her brother to die a second time. But is he really her brother, anyway?

Personality… abrasive, impulsive, and shy. Jem has a real devil-may-care attitude, and she plays up the punk teenager image really well. But a lot of that is a way for her to deal with all the things she’s had to see – and do.  To top it off, she’s a champion at sarcasm.

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