Merry Brandybuck

Merry Brandybuck

    The Lord of the Rings
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in the Shire, along with his best friend Pippin. These two hobbits wreaked havoc on local farmers and just about everyone else in the Shire, but at least they enjoyed themselves. Merry didn’t have a care in the world while he grew up.

Living… during a pivotal moment in the history of Middle Earth. Merry becomes part of the Fellowship of the Ring, along with his childhood friend Frodo Baggins, who is charged with bearing the Ring of Power through Mordor where it is to be destroyed once and for all. Merry swears to accompany Frodo, though as a “Halfling” he can’t offer much physical security. Still, Merry does his best to be of service to the Fellowship, even during the most dangerous situations.

Profession… taking on the Quest of the Ring as his job. Merry isn’t without professionalism. He’s arguably the most organized of the hobbits, assembling the ponies they need to travel out of the Shire. He also makes sure to gather proper supplies and, best of all, fresh vegetables stolen from a local farm.

Interests… fine ales, good pipe weed and plenty of meals. He spent a lot of time at pubs during his early life. But he adjusts more quickly to the faster pace of life outside the Shire than his younger friend Pippin, breaking the news to him that the rest of the Fellowship doesn’t even know about, never mind plan to stop for, eating “second breakfast,” “elevenses,” luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, supper or the hobbits’ many other meals.

Relationship Status… single. His companionship with Pippin is enough of a relationship for the both of them right now. Dealing with anything more would seem nearly impossible, at least until this quest is over.

Challenge… becoming a warrior. Merry is soon met with the martial challenge of battling orcs and other threats to the Fellowship. Despite his size, he rises to the challenge and—perhaps foolishly—opts to become a real warrior in this all-important battle for Middle Earth.

Personality… warm-hearted and naively brave. Merry ventures out into the world where few hobbits have gone before. The presence of fellow hobbits—Pippin especially—keeps him jolly for as long as reasonably possible, before the horrors of war and the dangers of the outside world sober them up. Even so, Merry tries to remain upbeat and cheery throughout all of the bloodshed and turmoil. He discovers reserves of strength he may never have tapped had he not left the Shire.


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