Carol Peletier

Carol Peletier

    The Walking Dead
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in the ruins of America. The dead have begun to walk the earth, and most of the world’s population has been wiped out by the shambling dead. Carol has found a small group of survivors that have set up camp in the woods near Atlanta while they figure out their next move. Life is bad now, but it wasn’t much better before – Carol’s husband Ed has been abusing and controlling Carol for years, and the stress of the apocalypse hasn’t exactly made him more gentle.

Profession... whatever Ed says, unfortunately. These days, it’s doing laundry and hoarding supplies. He becomes incredibly upset when she offers to share a meal with Lori’s young son Carl. Times are tough, but they only get tougher when the living turn on each other instead of the undead.

Interests… religion.Carol’s deep Christian beliefs have helped her immensely in dealing with the terrible events of the apocalypse. She prays frequently to bring a little optimism to her bleak existence. When survivors close to her die, she’s sure they make it to heaven, because that hope is the only thing keeping her going.

Relationship Status... unhappily married. Ed has been terrible to her for years. He’s only become more controlling since they’ve been on the run, toward her and their daughter Sophia.  

Challenge... gaining the independence and autonomy needed to survive in this scary new world when the man she loves won’t let her. Instead of letting her gain the skills she needs, he hits her and puts her down. She won’t become the person she knows she can be until he’s gone. But since society fell apart, he’s all she’s got.                                                                                         

Personality... passive, shy, and made to feel useless. Her relationship with Ed has poisoned her self-esteem and left her feeling like a burden to everyone she meets. Still, his abuse hasn’t managed to destroy the good in Carol. When Ed’s not around, she can be counted upon to display remarkable compassion and decency.


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