Piper Halliwell

Piper Halliwell

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in San Francisco, in the Halliwell Victorian manor. Piper moved back into the manor six months after her grandmother’s death. Once Phoebe activated the sisters’ witchcraft abilities, Piper became responsible for the city’s civilians fate.

Profession… chef and entrepreneur. When she first gained her magical abilities, Piper was a chef at a restaurant named Quake. Unhappy with her double shifts and a domineering boss, Piper decided to run her own business, the nightclub P3. The club had a rough start but eventually found success. Unfortunately, that success did not translate into fulfillment, and Piper realized she needed to get back to cooking. She finally decided to open her own restaurant, Halliwell’s, in a nod to her family name.

Interests... witchcraft. Like her sisters, Piper faces the difficult task of reconciling her previously normal life with her newfound powers. Her specific powers include scrying, a divination art that allows her to locate missing objects or persons, spell casting, and potion brewing. Over time, she develops the gift of Molecular Immobilization, Molecular Combustion, and Molecular Acceleration – giving her the abilities to freeze, move, or blow up just about anything.

Relationship Status... almost doomed. Piper’s no stranger to star-crossed relationships. Her longest and most stable relationship was with Leo Wyatt, the sisters’ Whitelighter. Because Leo was specifically forbidden to have any romantic relations with the Charmed Ones, he had to break up with her after revealing himself as a Whitelighter. Circumstances kept them apart until they were finally able to wed through a Handfasting. Two years later, they had their first child, Wyatt.

Challenge… evil. The sisters are constantly protecting innocents from evil demons and spirits, but it’s only after two years that they realize their true enemy is The Underworld’s ruler, the Source of All Evil. The responsibilities that come with their power can be frustrating at times, especially when Piper pines for some kind of normalcy in her life. Initially she was also unsure if her magic came from a benevolent source, or if she was somehow possessed.

Personality… insecure. Piper has always felt like the Jan Brady of the group, concerned that she was the most ordinary of the sisters. Nevertheless, she is the most kind and caring Charmed One – acting as a maternal figure for even her older sister. With time, she’s slowly come out of her shell, trading shyness for a more biting, cynical outlook. She’s also gone from resenting witchcraft to accepting it as at least a partial blessing.


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