Martha Jones

Martha Jones

    Doctor Who
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... on London, Earth, in the 21st century. Martha grew up the middle child of a loving family, but things have been rough ever since her father left home for a younger woman. She still loves her family, of course, but there are times when Martha just wants to escape from her “family going mad” for a moment.

Living... as a medical student at Royal Hope Hospital.Martha might not be the top of her class, but she's more than competent and clever enough to become a full-fledged doctor.

Visiting... wherever and whenever she wants to go. After accidentally running into the Doctor, a time-traveling alien who gallivants across space and time saving the universe, Martha decides to join him in exploring the universe. It's a dangerous decision, but while Martha knows she could “die at any minute," it's a risk she's willing to take.

Profession... medical student by day, traveler in her spare time. Martha might be the Doctor's companion, but she thinks of herself as student first, initially even turning down the Doctor's offer with the explanation that, “I’ve got exams.” Still, the chance to see the universe is alluring, and Martha soon finds herself balancing work and play as she travels the stars.

Interests... studying. As a med student, Martha isn't exactly graced with an abundance of free time, so most of her non-Doctor time is spent pursuing her aspirations as a Doctor. Still, she's not all work and no play – Martha enjoys a good joke and, from time to time, can party as hard as any young woman in her twenties.

Relationship Status... single, and “for the record [...] not remotely interested” in the dashing Time Lord who's just swept her away to the stars. It’s not like they kissed less than an hour after they met, after all. Besides, Martha “only goes for humans,” so there's no chance her feelings towards the Doctor are anything more than platonic. No chance at all.

Challenge... saving the world while getting the Doctor to return her feelings – the same feelings she doesn't have, of course. While Martha is more than happy to help the Doctor thwart homicidal aliens, she's emotionally conflicted by being around him and may eventually have to face the fact that they have widely different ideas about their relationship.

Personality...kind, intelligent, and able to see beauty even amidst danger and chaos. A compassionate young woman, Martha has a deep respect for human life, and quickly extends this respect to all forms of life in the cosmos. Independent yet dutiful, Martha may be willing to accompany the Doctor on his journeys, but she certainly won't be content playing second fiddle to a "Doctor" with less medical training than she has. 


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