Character Recommendations Based on Artemis Fowl

Harry Dresden The Dresden Files

A gruff, sarcastic everyman who just happens to be the world's only wizard PI

Katsa Graceling

A strong-willed young woman with a deadly skill set

DEATH Discworld

This affable grim reaper has a deep fondness for humanity

Ishmael Moby Dick

A quiet observer on a larger-than-life quest

Lyra Belacqua The Golden Compass

A half-wild child who loves as fearlessly as she breaks the rules

Maximum Ride Maximum Ride

A tough tomboy with a protective streak, this human-bird hybrid doesn't ‘damsel’ well

Ender Wiggin Ender's Game

A tough childhood prepared Ender for tough choices

Brian Robeson Hatchet

A true survivor through and through

Arthur Dent The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

An incredibly normal man on an incredibly abnormal adventure

Huck Finn The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Free-spirited, mischievous, and lacking in manners, Huck staunchly refuses to be "civilized" by anyone