Abhorsen Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… separated from her parents. Sabriel’s mother died early, and her father sent her into neighboring kingdom Ancelstierre to receive an education. The Old Kingdom, where her family is from, is not a safe place, so Sabriel doesn't really have much of a "home" outside of school.

Living… in Wyverley College, a boarding school in Ancelstierre. That is, until she receives a message that her father is trapped in Death, the afterlife realm it was her father’s job to keep separate from the world of the living. Now Sabriel must travel to the Old Kingdom to rescue him and return the balance to the worlds of the living and the dead.

Profession… Abhorsen-in-Waiting. Her father is Abhorsen, a type of necromancer who keeps the Dead from walking in the land of the living. But he's vanished now, and Sabriel must rescue him while defeating the dangerous creatures her father no longer controls.

Interests… sports and magic. At Wyverley, Sabriel enjoyed the school’s sports programs and hanging out with friends. Now, however, she spends less time running around a field and more time running for her life. She's also studying magic as quickly as she can—the more she knows, the more likely she will be able to save her father.

Relationship Status… single. Wyverley was an all-girls school, so Sabriel didn’t have much chance to find romance.

Challenge… to defeat the forces of Death and rescue her father. Whatever captured him must have been strong, and Sabriel has only just begun her training as an Abhorsen. She’ll need help, but where is she going to find it in the dangerous Old Kingdom?

Personality… no-nonsense, practical, and brave. Sabriel understands the dangers that face her, but she also knows that she’s the only one who can face them. While she prefers to have things – and people – work logically, Sabriel is also acutely sensitive to other people’s suffering, and she grieves for even those whose tragedies are far in the past.


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