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Artemis Fowl

    Artemis Fowl

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… an only child. He greatly respects his father, who taught little Artemis how the stock market works and how to run the family business. Artemis Senior also shared his love of gold with his son, emphasizing the family motto “Aurum Est Potestas” (gold is power).

Living… with Butler, Juliet, and his sick mother in Fowl Manor, a giant mansion not far from Dublin. While the Fowls are rich because they have accumulated a lot of wealth over generations from the family business (crime), Artemis Senior has been missing for a couple years, and a substantial part of the family fortune disappeared with him. Artemis’ mother hasn’t coped with the stress very well, and has become increasingly withdrawn and difficult to understand. 

Profession… criminal mastermind. Officially, Artemis is a student and heir to the Fowl fortune. However, through his dense collection of aliases he continues to run much of the Fowl family’s criminal business. 

Interests… gold, challenging himself, and fairies. His love of gold is inherited from his family, and has only grown more pronounced since his father’s disappearance, an event that precipitated the (relative) collapse of the Fowl’s fortune. The family still has more money than most people will ever see, but Artemis is determined to restore the Fowl name to its full, gilded glory. His love of a challenge arises from his genius – normal people and things bore him. Lately he’s taken a particular interest in fairy-tales and folklore – tall tales that Artemis is beginning to suspect hold a grain of truth.

Relationship Status… well, he hasn’t hit puberty yet, and honestly, he’s much more interested in the family fortune. A lonely and disconnected genius, Artemis’s only close relationship is to his manservant and bodyguard, Butler. 

Challenge… restoring his family fortune after his father’s disappearance and his mother’s withdrawal and depression. In order to get his hands on gold Artemis has hatched a daring plan to rob a group of people that most people don’t even know exist – fairies. His plan is to kidnap and ransom one of the immortal fairies, threatening to expose their hidden society, unless he receives a tremendous payment of gold. But even the brilliant Artemis can’t plan for everything, and the fairies soon prove themselves to be capable adversaries as they launch a mission to rescue their imprisoned comrade. The whole thing is a gamble, but Artemis understands that’s just the way of the world: “If I win, I’m a prodigy. If I lose, then I’m crazy. That is how history is written.”

Personality… a lonely, calculating, and smug genius. Artemis doesn’t believe that he needs anyone’s help, and has difficulty relying on others. An uncanny student of human nature (and everything else) he is able to plot ridiculous schemes and understand exactly how they’ll play out, accounting for the smallest details. While he seems cold and almost sociopathic in his relationships, in truth Artemis cares deeply for his friends and family. The boy genius just isn’t sure how to show it.


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