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Maximum Ride

    Maximum Ride

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in a lab. Like her fellow "Flock" members, Max is the result of a genetic experiment that's left her with – among other things – hollow bones and wings. Unfortunately, the ability to fly came with a childhood of being a test subject, and Max has no fond memories of her time as an experiment at the School.

Living... in a secluded house with five fellow avian-human hybrids. As children, Max and her Flock were rescued by Jeb Batchelder, a scientist who hid them in their current  mountain home and taught them self-defense and survival skills. Although he disappeared a few years ago, Jeb is still remembered fondly as the closest thing the Flock had to a parental figure.

Profession... leader of the Flock. Too avian for school and too young for employment, Max spends the majority of her time trying to care for her fellow experiments. It would be a hard task for anyone, but especially for a 14-year-old former lab experiment.

Interests... martial arts, her family, and food. And the food is important – Max might be a terrible chef, but her genetically modified metabolism means she needs to eat a lot, even by the standards of teenagers.

Relationship Status... single. But she’s interested in her fellow Flock member, Fang. Not that Max would ever admit it; she's not one for emotional displays and really, neither is Fang. Or, as she puts it, "I save the huge emotional kissy-face for imminent death scenes."

Challenge... evading the School and the Erasers, wolf-human hybrids who act as the School's henchmen. For the last couple of years, Max and the Flock haven't had too much trouble doing that. But when a group of Erasers suddenly descends and kidnaps one of their members, the Flock must use all their powers to save Angel while staying alive themselves.

Personality... tough tomboy with a protective streak. Years of surviving on her own have left Max hardened beyond years and deadly in a fight. As she puts it, “I don't ‘damsel’ well. Distress, I can do. Damseling? Not so much.” Yet at the same time, Max cares deeply about the Flock and is willing sacrifice anything to keep her makeshift family safe.


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