Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… with a dangerous gift. At age 8, Katsa found out that she was a Graceling, a human gifted with supernatural skills. Unfortunately, the main thing Katsa's Grace is good for is killing people.

Living... with her uncle, King Randa. As nobility, Lady Katsa is granted the many privileges that come with high social status. Unfortunately, she also has to live with her uncle, who sees Katsa as only a potential weapon.

Profession… enforcer for the king. For years, King Randa has used his niece to threaten, maim, and kill those who displease him. As Katsa puts it, "the king doesn't do his own bullying – he looks to me for that."  

Interests… hunting, sparring, and empowering other women. Katsa's interests lean decidedly tomboy, a fact which makes her even more of an outsider in a world where women are valued mainly for their skills at raising children and maintaining a household.

Relationship Status… complicated. Since childhood, people have viewed Katsa mainly in terms of her Grace, and there are days when even Katsa believes she is nothing more than her uncle's attack dog. That starts to change when she meets Prince Po of Lienid, a Graceling who insists that Katsa's gift extends beyond hurting others.

Challenge… uncovering a conspiracy that could rock the Seven Kingdoms. Po and Katsa first meet when she's rescuing Po's grandfather, Tealiff, from a jail cell. After a rocky start, they become friends, with Katsa agreeing to help Po discover his grandfather's kidnapper. Before she can do that, however, Katsa will have to escape her uncle's hold on her – a task as difficult as any of the missions Randa has sent her on.  

Personality… independent and strong-willed, but insecure. A feminist and non-traditionally feminine lady, Katsa has the physical and mental strength to survive through demanding situations. Years of being manipulated by her uncle and used to do his dirty work, however, have left Katsa more emotionally fragile than she wants to admit. Insecure about her identity and ashamed of her past actions, she finds it difficult to trust others. When Katsa does manage to make friends, however, she's fiercely loyal and protective.


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