Meggie Folchart

Meggie Folchart

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... without a mother. Meggie's mother vanished when she was very young, and though she remembers very little of Theresa Folchart, Meggie often wonders what, exactly, caused her mother to disappear.

Living... with her father, Mortimer Folchart. Mo's a bookbinder, and it's from him that Meggie has inherited her love of books.

Visiting... her grumpy aunt Elinor, in Italy. Meggie isn't quite sure what caused her father's impromptu road trip, but she thinks it might have something to do with Dustfinger, the mysterious man who suddenly appears at their old house and tells Meggie a startling revelation about her father: Mo can “read” characters out of books. In other words, when he reads a character’s name aloud, the character can get pulled into the “real world.”

Profession... aspiring writer. Because of her father's work, Meggie has a healthy respect for books. As she tells Mo, "You're the one who says books have to be heavy because the whole world's inside them." Her love of stories makes Meggie want to write one herself, and though she's still not very confident in her writing, she's got time. Meggie's only 12, after all, and what 12-year-old isn't insecure about something?

Interests... books, writing, and adventure. While she shares her father's love of books, Meggie is more enthusiastic about his gift than Mo is – a chance to go on adventures with her fictional heroes and friends! How exciting! However, in her excitement, Meggie forgets one crucial fact: books are full of villains, too.

Relationship Status... single. But after meeting Farid, a boy read out of Arabian Nights, Meggie finds herself intrigued.

Challenge... unraveling the mysteries around her while staying alive. Meggie's intrigued by her father's abilities and wants to find out why he's been keeping them a mystery from her, but she has more immediate things to worry about. There are dangerous man after Mo and his copy of the novel Inkheart, and there are signs that the men may not even be from this world.

Personality... curious and intelligent, but very naive. A girl who grew up on stories, Meggie is as loyal and intrepid as one of her fictional heroines. But her idealistic view of the world make her unfit for the potentially dangerous story she's stumbled into. As she sadly tells Farid, "It's a cruel world, don't you think? Mo often told me I forget how cruel it is too easily."


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