Character Recommendations Based on Will Graham

Joan Holloway Mad Men

Could run the whole company if only they'd let her, but for now, she'll rule the secretarial pool

Ennis Del Mar Brokeback Mountain

Quiet and brooding, Ennis keeps his true passions close to the chest

Eli Let the Right One In

Willing to do whatever it take to protect herself – forever

Eric Northman True Blood

A modern Viking with a flair for chilly threats

Elliot Alderson Mr. Robot

Paranoid, anxious, delusional, depressed – he wages a constant battle with himself

Frank Underwood House of Cards

He's got his eyes on the top of the heap, and he's not gonna stop climbing

Jesse Custer Preacher

This conflicted small-town preacher leaves an unexpectedly bloody path in his wake

Alex DeLarge A Clockwork Orange

Violent but witty psychopath

K-2SO Rogue One

Blunt and sarcastic reprogrammed Imperial droid

Fox Mulder The X-Files

Devoted believer in aliens, monsters, and that the truth is out there