Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in late-1970s Columbia. The cocaine trade is rampant, regulations are poorly enforced, and Pablo couldn’t be happier. Pablo has already bought off everyone. The roads are his. It wasn’t long before Pablo graduated from smuggling illegal goods to smuggling illegal drugs. Now he’s making more money than ever – but along with the fame comes risk. He has made more enemies, and his own workers may turn against him, as the DEA cracks down on the crime and bloodshed of the drug war.

Profession… drug lord. Pablo owns the drug trade. He produces it, transports it, and distributes it to Miami, where it is sold at a marked-up price to American yuppies and everyone else in between.

Interests… business, domination, cocaine, illegal goods, sales projections, and vengeance.

Relationship Status… married, to Tata, his loving wife. Of course, Pablo also has his mistress, but he’s a relatively good husband. He has a big heart, despite his willingness to terrorize people with lethal force.

Challenge… remain king of the hill. Pablo Escobar is the number-one name in the drug trade. Now he just has to avoid being overthrown. And his biggest threat might not be the DEA. M-19, a socialist militant guerilla force, is at war with Pablo Escobar, and the battle is coming closer and closer to home.

Personality… controlling, powerful, and unrelenting. Pablo rules with an iron fist. He loves those closest to him, but he hates his enemies with equal, if not greater, passion. He will do whatever it takes to grow his empire, no matter how many people must die in the process.


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