Frederick Frankenstein

Frederick Frankenstein

    Young Frankenstein
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in the infamous Frankenstein family. His great-grandfather was Victor Frankenstein, a mad scientist who robbed graveyards and claimed to have brought a corpse to life. Wanting to disassociate himself with his crazy relative, Frederick insists his last name be pronounced differently. So please call him Franken….steen, not Franken…stine. 

Visiting… his great-grandfather’s estate on top of a mountain in Transylvania. After his great-grandfather’s death, Frederick was contacted about his will and brought there. Even though it is the 20th century, life is more similar to the Middle Ages. He is picked up in a horse drawn carriage and taken to the castle that is full of cobwebs and squeaky floors. There, he meets his great-grandfather’s staff: Igor (a mysterious man cloaked in black with huge eyes and a severe hunchback), Inga (a voluptuous laboratory assistant who is full of double entendres), and Frau Blucher (an incredibly serious Germanic housekeeper who is so scary she causes horses to run in fright).

Profession… neurology professor. He has always focused on helping take care of the living, but now he has a new interest: reanimating brain tissue to bring the dead alive as his great-grandfather claimed to have done. Ever since he discovered his book “How I Did It” in his private library, Frederick can’t think about anything else. He feels that this is his life calling, and wakes up screaming from his sleep, “Destiny, destiny, destiny.”

Interests… tap dancing. You should see him dance to Puttin’ on the Ritz. 

Relationship Status… engaged to an actress named Elizabeth, a self-absorbed woman who wouldn’t even kiss him goodbye because she didn’t want to smudge her lipstick. Though his engagement has been threatened by his feelings for his personal assistant Inga. He’s torn between his loyalty to Elizabeth and Inga’s immediate closeness. As he says, “It's terrible – the price society demands in the name of fidelity.”

Challenge… coping with the burdens of his discovery. The pressure of bringing the creature alive has manifested voices in his head, pulling him in all sorts of directions. 

Personality… driven, intellectual, eccentric, and possibly insane. Frederick is full of passion – professionally and personally. When he sets his mind on something, there is no turning back. But he’s also got a playful side that comes out when he puts his tap shoes on. He’s a one-of-a-kind character. 


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