Character Recommendations Based on Kim Kelly

Eric Effiong Sex Education

High school boy navigating his sexuality and increasingly complicated love life

Nadia Vulvokov Russian Doll

A no-nonsense broad with a dark sense of humor and a flippant attitude

Creed Bratton The Office

Truly strange man with a mysterious past and an inscrutable blog

Jules Vaughn Euphoria

Trying to break out of the patterns that keep holding her back

Deandra "Dee" Reynolds It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Selfish, narcissistic, target of extremely cruel ridicule

Chris Miles Skins

He's run out of cash, luck, and—worst of all—drugs

Gretchen Wieners Mean Girls

She's the gossip queen in her clique. That's why her hair is so big—it's full of secrets

Claire Standish The Breakfast Club

Popular, perfect princess who's deeper than she seems

Audrey Horne Twin Peaks

She may seem inquisitive and charming, but Audrey can turn on a dime

Cheryl Blossom Riverdale

Being beautiful and rich doesn't guarantee happiness