Enid Coleslaw

Enid Coleslaw

    Ghost World
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview... a teen-ager who’s totally over it. And by “it,” Enid means everything. It’s the early ‘90s and Enid has just graduated high school with little prospects. Mainly she’s looking forward to another summer spent with her best friend Rebecca, criticizing everyone and everything she encounters. It’s not too hard in a town like theirs, one filled with nothing but shopping malls, fast food, urban decay, and lame-o’s. If she’s left with a spare moment, she might even ponder what she’s going to do with her life. But that isn’t a high priority right now.

Personality... cynical, witty, and judgmental. Enid relishes the role of the outcast, rejecting everything mainstream for a laundry list of reasons she’d be far too happy to list. But not everything can be dismissed with a snarky comment, and that’s where Enid trips up. Beneath the cynical exterior lies the same self-doubt and confusion of your average hyper-aware American teenager.


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