Character Recommendations Based on Sharon Morris

Paris Geller Gilmore Girls

Newspaper editor, class president, and headed for Harvard

Ned Pushing Daisies

Kind, warm, and gifted with an all-powerful touch

Michael The Good Place

An angelic architect with a whimsical worldview

Tami Taylor Friday Night Lights (TV)

Much more than just "Coach Taylor's wife," she's making herself known in town as a caring, persistent guidance counselor

Nadia Vulvokov Russian Doll

A no-nonsense broad with a dark sense of humor and a flippant attitude

Linda Belcher Bob's Burgers

Devoted mom and wife who loves singing, small talk, and booze

Abbi Abrams Broad City

Sweet-hearted, fun-loving girl who is starting to throw caution to the wind

Rebecca Bunch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Brilliant, awkward, super-impulsive, and able to toss off a song and dance anytime

Eleanor Shellstrop The Good Place

Rude and egotistical, Eleanor at least has an appealing no-nonsense enthusiasm for life

Liz Lemon 30 Rock

Lover of comedy, geek stuff, and night cheese