Paris Geller

Paris Geller

    Gilmore Girls
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Hartford, Connecticut, in a mostly empty mansion as the daughter of divorced and largely absent parents. 

Profession… student at Chilton Preparatory School. Specifically, she’s the top student and leader of several extracurricular activities. Paris is very proud of – and territorial of – her position at the top of the class. So when Rory Gilmore, an equally smart and talented student, transfers in, Paris decides they’re rivals. 

Interests… politics, journalism, and winning. Paris is the best at everything she does, from academics to yelling at people, and she’s mainly interested in remaining the best.  

Relationship Status… single, and hopelessly so. Paris has a crush on pretty-boy Tristan, but her intensity usually scares off most crushes. Paris does go to a school dance with a boy named Jacob, but she’s embarrassed when eventually everyone discovers that Jacob is actually her cousin and her mom paid him to be her date. 

Challenge… achieving everything that she hopes to achieve and staying at the very top of her game. Paris’ anxieties about being usurped from her top position often end up being her biggest foil.  

Personality… loud, smart, and wildly ambitious. Paris can be overbearing and often uses that to her advantage; her in-your-face attitude can be intimidating and she’s been known to scare off rivals. But, Paris has a vulnerable side and she can be a little insecure, though it’ll take some prodding before you see that part of her. For the most part, she puts out a tough exterior so she can succeed at everything without showing weakness.


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