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Sharon Morris


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Grew Up... in Ireland with her parents and her sarcastic brother Fergal.  

Living... in London with her new boyfriend Rob Norris, who also is the father of her unborn child.   

Profession... a school teacher. Sharon initially wanted to be a writer, but she could never quite find the motivation. She bailed on her Ph.D. before she was even halfway done and decided to teach kids instead.   

Interests... drinking mint tea, reading, and sneaking an occasional cigarette.  

Relationship Status... it’s more than complicated. Sharon didn’t expect anything to come from her wild weekend with a visiting American named Rob. But when she discovers she’s pregnant, all that changes. Rob moves to London and the two decide to try having a real romantic relationship  while simultaneously getting ready to raise a baby together.  

Challenge... dealing with potentially catastrophic changes in her personal life. A pregnancy and a brand new relationship is a lot for anyone to handle. Especially because as a woman over 40, Sharon’s “geriatric” pregnancy comes with a bunch of complications, including something called “pre-cancer. Thankfully she and Rob share a dark sense of humor, which helps them get through the absurdity of it all. As she once joked after passing an argumentative young couple, “If we ever sound like that, please get a gun from America and shoot us.”  

Personality... funny, intelligent, and neurotic. Sharon is a bit of a pessimist and she has a tendency to panic when things get stressfulFor instance, when Rob suggests they might want to keep the baby’s sex a surprise, Sharon responds, “I only met you about twenty minutes ago and now I’m pregnant with your baby so for the moment I would like a whisper of certainty in my life.” But her twisted sense of humor and sardonic edge get her through even the toughest of situations. Sharon also deeply values her independence and sometimes has trouble letting people into her life. 

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