Abbi Abrams

Abbi Abrams

    Broad City
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in New York City. Abbi has a roommate who is never home. However, her roommate’s flatulent boyfriend Bevers rarely leaves the apartment and very much makes himself at home, walking around naked and drinking milk from the carton. Abbi spends much of free time hanging out with her best friend Ilana, whom she met on a park bench.

Profession… janitor at Soulstice, an upscale fitness center. She harbors dreams of being a trainer, but her attempts at becoming a trainer are constantly being rebuffed by Soulstice management. Abbi is nevertheless a valued member of the Soulstice team who is called on time and time again to work her patented “Abbi magic” when there is a “pube situation” in the bathroom. 

Interests… drawing. She hopes to one day quit her job as Soulstice head janitor and become an artist full-time. Her favorite store is Bed Bath and Beyond, and she worships Oprah. She enjoys smoking pot but she's less of a stoner than Ilana.

Relationship Status… single. Abbi has a massive crush on her neighbor Jeremy but always makes a fool of herself when he knocks on her door. At Ilana’s encouragement she dates around intermittently. Abbi is self-conscious about her looks and figure but lets go of her insecurities enough one night to deem herself the “hot girl at the bar.” 

Challenge… winning over the hunky Jeremy. She lies in order to impress him (for example, telling him she's Shania Twain’s personal trainer) and goes out of her way to run errands for him to give her a reason to interact with him. To her chagrin he goes on a man-date with Bevers because he is unable to meet girls. 

Personality… sweet-hearted, fun-loving, and easily corruptible. Abbi is the ultimate wingwoman because she wants nothing more than to have a good time for its own sake. Sure, there will be awkward moments in the night, and she might black out on you before midnight. But if all goes well, she will prove once again why she’s the perfect friend to have in your corner.


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