Linda Belcher

Linda Belcher

    Bob's Burgers
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in a relatively normal environment with her mother Gloria, her father Al, and her sister Gayle. Between the two sisters, Linda fared better as an adult; Gayle is very emotional and is essentially a crazy cat lady. Though not much is known about Linda’s childhood, she became a happy and (mostly) psychologically healthy adult. Her parents tend to be a nuisance to the Belchers when they come to visit, but it is clear that they love Linda very much.

Living… in a tiny apartment above the burger restaurant that her husband owns, Bob’s Burgers. With three bedrooms, the Belcher residence isn’t as cramped as one would think. Due to the fact that the family is already very loving and close, no one really seems to mind that space is scarce. 

Profession… bookkeeper at Bob’s Burgers. The Belcher family composes the entire staff at the restaurant, and Linda primarily contributes by keeping the books. She’s fairly reliable, but isn’t always quite as attentive as she could be. 

Interests… hosting parties, bed and breakfasts, dinner theater, her kids, Bob, singing, small talk, and booze. In her own words: “Mommy doesn’t get drunk. Mommy has fun.”

Relationship Status… happily married to Bob. Though they often get into little spats over money or the kids, their relationship is very solid. Bob acts as the strict and serious one, bringing Linda down to earth when she tries to spend all of the money that they don’t have on things they don’t need. Linda acts as the optimistic and playful one, lifting Bob up when he’s down and supporting his dream of making Bob’s Burgers into a great restaurant. 

Challenge… balancing it all. Being married, being a housewife, being a mom, working at the restaurant – sometimes it’s almost too much for Linda. When the kids are uncooperative or Bob is being a jerk, Linda, usually peppy and happy, will snap and things will get ugly. But no matter how terrible the situation is, she always bounces back to her usual enthusiastic self. 

Personality… happy, kind, loving, and caring. Linda is an excessively loving wife and mother. She can be tough at times when she needs to be, but for the most part Linda is incredibly supportive of whatever it is that her children want to do or become. The same goes for Bob. No matter what happens, it’s very clear that Linda leads the happiest life she could possibly have and has endless amounts of love for her family.


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