Character Recommendations Based on C. Carwood Lipton

Foggy Nelson Daredevil

Principled small-time lawyer fighting for fellow little guys

Cordelia Foxx American Horror Story: Coven

Sweet, reserved, and intellectual, this magical headmistress would do anything for her students

Gimli The Lord of the Rings

As eager for a good time as he is for a fight, few can match this dwarf when it comes to self-confidence

Thomas Shelby Peaky Blinders

Stoic, calculating, and ambitious, Tommy is one man you don’t want to cross

Greg Lestrade Sherlock

Gruff, loyal, and quietly competent

Troy Barnes Community

What Troy lacks in common sense, he makes up for with heart

Wanderer The Host

A thoughtful alien Soul going through a serious identity crisis

Leonard "Bones" McCoy Star Trek

Passionate, moral, and ready to stitch you back together

Maria von Trapp The Sound of Music

Her spirit is too free for the abbey to contain

Bob Belcher Bob's Burgers

Obsessed with spaghetti westerns, anthropomorphizing things, his own terrible jokes, and his family