Arthur Curry / Aquaman

Arthur Curry / Aquaman

    DC Extended Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... loved but lonely. Arthur was the result of a loving union between a human lighthouse keeper and an underwater queen. Shortly after he was born, however, his mother Queen Atlanna was forced to return to her underwater kingdom. Gifted with abilities from his mom yet separated from her culture, young Arthur always felt torn between two worlds—never fully at home on land or under the sea.

Living... the nomadic life of a vigilante hero. Arthur makes sure to regularly visit his dad in Maine, but his superheroic work takes him all around the world

Visiting... Atlantis, finally. When an Atlantean princess named Mera comes seeking his help, Arthur finally dives into the underwater world he’s spent his whole life avoiding.

Profession... superhero and maybe more. Having previously teamed up with the Justice League to save the world, Arthur now spends his days helping humanity with his impressive Atlantean abilities, which include not only superhuman strength and speed but also the unique ability to talk to underwater creatures. As the first-born son of the Queen, Arthur also technically has a royal heritage just waiting to be claimed. Yet as he scoffs, “Trust me, I am no king.”

Interests... partying, hanging with his dad, and generally not taking life too seriously.

Relationship Status... single. However, spending so much time with Mera just might change that. The two initially butt heads because their personalities are so different, yet as Arthur laughs during one adventure, “Redheads, you gotta love them.”

Challenge... preventing a war between the worlds. Arthur may not care much about Atlantis, but when he learns that his half-brother King Orm is planning to wage war against the surface world, Arthur reluctantly agrees to step in. With Mera’s guidance, the two set off on a globe-hopping adventure to locate a legendary trident and stop Orm before it’s too late.

Personality... gruff, spirited, and a little bit of a bro. Arthur’s a thrill-seeker who would rather jump into battle than hang back and strategize. That devil-may-care impulsiveness is both a strength and a weakness. Arthur can be petulant or immature at times, but that’s largely a mask he puts on to hide the hurt he’s experienced in his life. Deep down, his compassionate soul reflects the selfless spirit of both of his parents.


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