Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano

    The Clone Wars

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... on the planet of Coruscant where she moved to in order to train to become a Jedi.

Living... at the Jedi Temple during the massive Clone Wars, where the Jedi have become generals in the war to help restore peace across the galaxy.

Profession... Jedi Padawan in the Jedi Order. She has a Jedi Master, Anakin Skywalker, and commands in the Clone Wars as well. She has become close with her Master who is an unconventional Jedi. She has learned much about his ways, which surprisingly involves disobeying the rules of the Jedi Order.

Interests... learning about everything in the world around her. She hopes to be a very powerful and knowledgeable Jedi one day. Although some may question if she is cut out to be a Jedi because of her size, she believes: “You don’t have to look tough to be tough.”

Relationship status... single. She is not allowed to have a romantic partner because all Jedi must keep their minds clear from distraction.

Challenge... struggling with her ideals that sometimes conflict with her Master and with the Jedi Order. She is starting to think that following direct orders isn’t always the best way to solve a problem. She also wants the rest of the Jedi to give her more respect, yet as a Padawan in training, she knows that is hopeless. 

Personality... warm, bold, and independent. In battles, she keeps her cool and boldly fights to ensure victory. She is also kind, showing empathy to people who have been affected by the war.


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