James Gordon

James Gordon

    DC Extended Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... uneasily, in Gotham City. The once great metropolis has become a destitute shell of its former self. The dark, gritty locale is home not only to petty crime, but also to mob organizations and corruption at almost every level of the government. Plus psychotic mass killers pop up every so often to threaten the city.

Profession... leader of the Gotham City Police Department’s Major Crime Unit. Gordon is one of the few truly good members of the GCPD and he’s slowly climbed through the ranks from beat cop to leader on the force. But even from a more powerful position, there’s only so much Gordon can do to take on the massive corruption around him.  

Interests... doing the right thing. Policing Gotham is a constant job and Gordon has little time for hobbies. Because he’s fighting so much corruption, his first goal in both his work and his life is to keep his moral compass intact.

Relationship Status... married with kids. Gordon’s career is a dangerous one and he’s always worried about putting his family in peril or leaving them behind if he’s killed in action. As he explains, “We're going after the mob's life savings. Things will get ugly.”

Challenge... cleaning up Gotham. Gordon’s unit was established to track down mob leaders and put them in jail for good. To do that he works closely with newly elected district attorney Harvey Dent as well as the mysterious crime fighter Batman. And while Gordon’s usually focused on catching everyday criminals and mobsters, he’ll also occasionally work outside the system to help Batman deal with larger-than-life criminal figures like The Joker.

Personality... steadfast, dedicated, moral, and practical. In a city full of big personalities, Gordon is an everyman. He wants to do good work during the day and spend time with his family at night. But things aren’t always so simple. As Gordon explains to Dent, “I don't get political points for being an idealist. I have to do the best I can with what I have.”


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