Character Recommendations Based on Lana Kane

Gale Hawthorne The Hunger Games

Faced with inequality, Gale's rebellious spirit only grows

Helen Parr The Incredibles

Can stretch herself even further than the typical supermom – way more

Regina George Mean Girls

She's teen royalty. And anything the queen bee says, goes

Beatrice "Tris" Prior Divergent

Fearless in pursuit of the truth

Regina Mills Once Upon a Time

A cold evil queen turned chilly town mayor

Mike Wazowski Monsters, Inc.

A goofball, but one devoted to his work and his best friend Sully

Owen Grady Jurassic World

After training a herd of raptors, everything else is a breeze

Jack Frost Rise of the Guardians

Jack would rather crack a joke or throw a snowball than take anything seriously


Quirky little romantic robot cleaning the wasteland known as Earth

Nemo Finding Nemo

Nemo is a small fish in a vast ocean, but he dreams of seeing it all