The Lord of the Rings
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… as a hobbit named Smeagol. Hobbits were a simple race whose desires went no further than a neighboring pub and a large hot meal. Smeagol, on the other hand, was seduced by the One Ring. Its intense power over his mind even spurred him to kill his own cousin just so he could call the Ring his own, his “precious.”

Living… with a split personality, in the Misty Mountains, where the One Ring controls his every thought and action. Sustaining himself on fish from murky waters, the grotesque Gollum is a far cry from the hobbit he once was. The Ring has granted him “unnatural long life” but in so doing, it has corrupted his body and mind, making him a despicable creature who can’t control his mind or body. Sometimes he expresses his kinder “Smeagol side,” while other times he’s vicious and conniving as the creature Gollum.

Profession… self-appointed guardian of the Ring. Gollum is obsessed with the Ring; he exists solely for the purpose of coveting and admiring its beauty and power. Right now he’s showing the hobbit Frodo Baggins, the current Ring-Bearer, the way to Mount Doom, so Frodo can destroy the ring forever. But Gollum may well just be waiting for the right time to snatch the Ring from Frodo.

Interests… the One Ring. He has no other interests. Even survival is no longer at the top of his list. He has let the Ring take care of his survival for hundreds of years, and once it is gone, he still thinks of nothing besides getting it back.

Relationship Status… single. There are no females suited for a relationship with Gollum—both because they would be disgusted by his appearance, and because he has a one-track mind. He’s married to the Ring.

Challenge… regaining the Ring. Gollum has mostly earned Frodo’s trust, but Frodo’s best friend Sam, whom Gollum derisively calls “the fat hobbit,” is always watching him. Sam believes Gollum eventually intends to steal the ring from Frodo by whatever means necessary, and he’s probably right.

Personality… decrepit, tortured, and sneaky. It is said that “his malice gives him strength hardly to be imagined.” Despite being small and gangly, Gollum packs a ferocious power, brought on by his monomaniacal desire to hold the Ring of Power. Anyone who gets in his way risks a battle with the madness.


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