Yugi Moto

Yugi Moto

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… lonely. Growing up in his grandfather's game shop, Yugi was a shy, quiet boy with a knack for games but few friends to play them with. All that changed, however, when his grandfather gave him the Millennium Puzzle, a mysterious Egyptian relic with even more mysterious powers.

Living… with another spirit inside him. When he completed the Millennium Puzzle, Yugi managed to also unlock the Spirit within the relic – a Spirit that currently resides in his body. While the Spirit may have an alarmingly black-and-white view of justice, he doesn't seem malicious, and it's nice to have an alter-ego who's so much better at standing up for himself.

Profession… high school student. Not that Yugi really studies much – most of his time is devoted to Duel Monsters, a turn-based card game that he's spectacularly good at it. Admittedly, it's not all him: Yugi might be a talented player, but the Spirit is nigh unstoppable.  

Interests… card games, dice games, and really, any type of game at all. Growing up with his grandfather, Yugi's always had a knack for card games, but unlike some of his rivals, he's not obsessed with winning. After all, "a victory means nothing unless you can share it with the people you love."

Relationship Status… single. Yugi has a crush on his childhood friend, Téa, but Yugi's not sure if she's more interested in him or his darker, more mature alter-ego.

Challenge… becoming a Duel Master while helping the Spirit uncover the past. With large sums of money and often lives in the balance, Duel Monsters has always been a high-stakes game. But as Yugi is learning, these stakes may be even higher. Maximillion Pegasus may have created Duel Monsters, but its origins may go even deeper, back to the same ancient Egypt that Yugi's Spirit hails from...

Personality… meek, idealistic, and highly selfless. Soft-spoken and slight, Yugi is a gentle soul, more ready to make friends with others than duel them. But don't be deceived. He might be kind by nature, but Yugi's determination and talent still make him a formidable opponent, one who may be truly worthy of the title, "King of Games."


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