Aimee Finecky

Aimee Finecky

    The Spectacular Now
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Athens, Georgia, but she’s definitely ready to leave. She’s got her heart set on a college in Philadelphia, where she could live with her sister. But she's not sure if her mom can live without her. And now she’s met a guy named Sutter, and she doesn’t want to be without him. 

Profession… high school student with a relatively lucrative paper route. She gives the earnings to her mother, who in turn gives Aimee an allowance. Sutter thinks it’s a raw deal but Aimee thinks it’s only right. After all, her mom pays the bills.

Interests… science fiction and manga. She knows it’s weird. Rather, she knows other people find it weird. Aimee embraces the weirdness. She loves the Japanese art in manga comics and sometimes even draws for her own pleasure. She’s never had someone to share these things with. She knows it’s an open invitation for ridicule.

Relationship Status… perpetually unlucky. The last guy she was with was addicted to painkillers. Still, she has faith. She’s planned her future perfect marriage. Her husband will work for NASA, and they’ll live on a horse ranch together. Until she finds her man, she’ll have to be content with boys. Could Sutter end up being that “man”? 

Challenge… cutting ties with her past and moving into the future with a clean slate. Aimee’s mother can be needy and overbearing. She’s alone all day, with no one to help her, and this gives Aimee endless guilt. Aimee’s ambitions, talent, and pursuits keep getting transformed into guilt and resentment. It’s a vicious cycle she can’t escape.

Personality… idealistic to a fault. Aimee wants to save everyone and when she fails, she takes it as a judgment on herself. She can’t leave town because her mother needs her. If she does leave town, she wants to take Sutter along, because Sutter needs her too. She has her future all planned out, but it’s hard to get what you want when you also carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.



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