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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… afraid of her mysterious powers. Born with the ability to control ice and snow, Elsa became terrified of her powers after they accidentally harmed her younger sister, Anna, when they were both just small girls. Through self-isolation and a pair of enchanted gloves, Elsa grew up keeping a precarious hold on her powers. According to her parents, the secret was to “Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know.” Although her loving parents were well intentioned, they made Elsa feel that she could never really be herself.

Living… in the palace of Arendelle, where she refuses to leave her bedroom for fear of hurting Anna again, leaving each sister completely alone. And unfortunately, things have become even lonelier at the castle – her parents (who were serving as King and Queen) died recently in a tragic accident at sea.

Profession… the newly coronated Queen of Arendelle. However, her reign could be in danger if her secret is revealed and her people turn against her.

Interests… being alone. She may be lonely, but at least she doesn’t have to pretend she is someone she is not.

Challenge… letting it go – her fear of her powers, that is. In order to safely control her wintry powers, Elsa must learn to harness her abilities instead of suppressing them. But after a childhood of keeping everything secretive, it’s hard enough for Elsa to accept her powers, much less embrace them.

Personality… poised and dutiful yet moody and somewhat insecure. As the future queen, Elsa was raised to think of others first, especially after her powers proved to be potentially harmful. Without being comfortable to show her emotions, she bottled up her anger and insecurities. This led to some bad decisions and regrets, but it may not be too late for an ice princess to defrost.... 


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