Character Recommendations Based on Rose O'Reilly

Mike Wazowski Monsters, Inc.

A goofball, but one devoted to his work and his best friend Sully

Matt Murdock Daredevil

Tortured but relentless lawyer/vigilante. Oh, and he's blind

Puss In Boots Shrek 2

Suave, honorable ladies man/cat who's not above playing cute until you let down your guard

Damon Salvatore The Vampire Diaries

He used to miss being human. Now he can't think of anything more miserable

Jack Dawson Titanic

Jack is living for adventure and sailing for a better future

Yoda Star Wars Series

Intelligent, inscrutable old Jedi master, he is

Phoebe Buffay Friends

Singer, masseuse, and free spirit

Joey Tribbiani Friends

A friendly guy who loves women and sandwiches

Barry Allen / The Flash The Flash

Nerd, forensics expert… and superhero?