Rose O'Reilly
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Rose O'Reilly

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About Her

Overview…  exotic dancer. Rose is a veteran of the Denver strip club circuit. Though she’s developed some wicked moves over the years, she is a bit jaded and has little patience for her manipulative boss and her younger co-workers, such as the ditzy Boner Garage. Plus she still struggles to pay rent. And so she agrees, for a cool 10 grand, to pose as the wife of her drug-dealing neighbor David Clark to help him smuggle a shipment of weed into the country from Mexico.

Personality… standoffish, resourceful, and catty. Rose has got an attitude. She relishes the act of verbally dressing down anyone who makes it onto her bad side. She’s not unlike an ocelot, seemingly harmless until you force her to unsheathe her retractable claws. She has a quick fuse, and she’ll scratch ya good.

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