Emmet Brickowski

Emmet Brickowski

    The Lego Movie
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… a normal life in a normal town. Like everyone else in Bricksburg, Emmet is a creature of routine. He wakes up, bids good morning to all the inanimate objects in his apartment, and then scrupulously follows the steps of his government-issued instruction booklet, “How To: Fit In, Have Everybody Like You, And Always Be Happy!” even if it means paying $37 for coffee.

Profession… construction worker. Emmet loves his job, and he sings all day as he works. He gets along with his co-workers and sees them as friends, but as they don’t exactly feel the same way. One co-worker calls him “a blank slate” while another states, “we all have something that makes us something, and Emmett is nothing.”

Interests… whatever everyone else likes! Emmet’s favorite restaurant is any chain restaurant, his favorite TV show is “Where Are My Pants,” and his favorite song is “Everything is Awesome," just like everyone else in Bricksburg.

Relationship Status… smitten with Wyldstyle, the mysterious girl who trespasses on Emmet’s construction site. Unfortunately for Emmet, Wyldstyle's dating Batman, a guy even lovestruck Emmet has to admit is a lot cooler than he could ever be.

Challenge… saving the world. After accidentally finding the Piece of Resistance, the one thing capable of disarming the Kragle, Emmet is drawn into a world of danger as he fights to stop Lord Business from using the Kragle to end the world. As the one to find the Piece, Emmet is prophesized to be The Special, “embodiment of good, foiler of evil” destined to save the world. But as Emmet himself wonders, how can someone so ordinary be special, much less The Special? 

Personality… cheerfully generic. Devoid of any great ambitions, Emmet is content to life according to an instructional booklet. As such, he's incredibly confused when he is declared The Special. “This is a misunderstanding,” he tells Wyldstyle, “I’m just a normal, regular, ordinary guy.” But while being The Special ruins his blissful ignorance, it may also give Emmet the opportunity to finally realize his full potential.


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