Character Recommendations Based on Amir

Columbus Zombieland

Timid and wimpy. Not great when you're living in a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic world

Cyclops X-Men Series

His eyes miraculously shoot powerful beams of energy

Agent J Men in Black

This stylish agent would rather improvise than play by the rules

Anne Cuthbert Anne With an E

Headstrong and imaginative orphan finds friends, community, family, and love

Eric Effiong Sex Education

High school boy navigating his sexuality and increasingly complicated love life

Liesel Meminger The Book Thief

Trying to ease the suffering of those around her, German and Jew alike

Nakia Black Panther

This Wakandan spy is capable, caring, and just the right amount of stubborn

Beast/Hank McCoy X-Men Series

The quintessential nerdy scientist but with a few rather unconventional physical attributes

Elton John Rocketman

The road to stardom is a rocky ride

Mako The Legend of Korra

Carrying the world on his shoulders