Goh Peik Lin

Goh Peik Lin

    Crazy Rich Asians
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in Singapore, with a family of big, kooky personalities. That includes her goofy dad Wye Mun, her colorful mom Neena, her awkward brother P.T., and several younger siblings.

Living... in her family’s giant mansion in Singapore. The Gohs are considered “new money,” and they have no problem showing it off. Their gaudy home is inspired by the Palace of Versailles and Donald Trump’s bathroom. Peik Lin attended college in the United States, but wound up somewhat aimlessly back at home.

Profession... still figuring that out.

Interests... fashion, crashing parties, and cracking jokes.

Relationship Status... single and loving it.

Challenge... helping her college friend Rachel Chu navigate the world of Singaporean wealth. Peik Lin’s family is mega rich, but even she is intimidated by the wealth of Rachel’s boyfriend Nick Young and his family. They’re basically royalty, and Peik Lin knows that Rachel is totally unprepared for the intimidating social sphere she’s about to be thrust into. As Peik Lin puts it, “These people are so posh and snobby, they’re snoshy.” Since Nick is a little naïve about how high-pressured his world truly is, Peik Lin sets about helping Rachel make a good first impression, both by giving her friend a stylish makeover and by helping her navigate the skepticism of Nick’s overprotective mother, Eleanor.

Personality... funny, abrasive, and totally unfiltered. Peik Lin says whatever’s on her mind. She’s plainspoken, direct, and totally hilarious. She’s a wildly fun guest at a party, but also the ideal friend to go to when you need some no-nonsense advice. Peik Lin might not seem like she takes the world very seriously, but she actually has a big heart and is fiercely loyal to those she loves. She always aims to uplift people, rather than tear them down. Though she may seem a little disorganized or adrift, Peik Lin just has her own particular set of priorities—like keeping a set of outfits for every occasion in the trunk of her car.


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