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The Kite Runner

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Grew Up… in Kabul, Afghanistan. His mother died when he was born, so Amir lives with his father, their servant Ali, and Ali's son, Hassan, who is also Amir's best friend. They're well-off and Amir has a comfortable life, but he craves approval from his father, who seems to like Hassan more than Amir.

Living… in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods of Kabul. Amir is a Pashtun, one of the largest ethnic groups of Afghanistan. By contrast, Hassan is a member of the Hazara, who are often discriminated against. Regardless of these differences, both boys are subject to bullying because of their ethnic identities.

Profession… student and writer. He does well in school and hopes to be a writer someday. Both Hassan and his mentor, Rahim Khan, encourage him in this dream.

Interests… writing and kite-flying. Amir loves flying kites, and when he competes in kite-fighting contests, Hassan is his “kite-runner," chasing after the kite when it comes down and bringing it back.

Relationship Status… single. The most important people to him are his friend Hassan, his father, and Rahim Khan.

Challenge… becoming a better person. Amir has always been jealous of his father’s love for Hassan, and he tends to be weak and cowardly. Still, he wants to do the right thing and overcome his flaws – the only question is if he has the strength to do it.

Personality… creative, but cowardly. Amir prefers to focus on fun things, like writing or kites, and when the going gets tough, he’s not necessarily reliable. Young Amir tries to impress his father, dreaming that one day, “Baba would even read one of my stories. I'd write him a hundred if I thought he'd read one." And yet despite all his efforts, it is still Hassan that Baba prefers.

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