Naota Nandaba

Naota Nandaba


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in a small, dusty Japanese town where "nothing amazing happens" and "everything is ordinary." Ordinary, that is, until the day self-proclaimed alien Haruko Haruhara rides in on her Vespa and hits Naota with her guitar. From there on, things only get stranger, and the giant robots spouting from his forehead soon become the least of Naota's worries.

Living... with his father and grandfather, who often act younger than he does. As a result, Naota tries to counter their immaturity by being the responsible one around the house. But since he's only 12, most of his maturity is an act.

Profession... student. Naota also acts as an unofficial caretaker for Mamimi, his older brother's girlfriend before Tasuku moved to the U.S., and Canti, the robot that recently sprouted out of Naota's forehead. His father is supposed to help him – with Canti, at least –  but his dad is so much trouble that Naota doesn't even bother asking anymore.

Interests... sweet foods, baseball, and becoming an adult. With the number of responsibilities he's taken on, Naota thinks that he's mature enough to be treated like an adult. Sadly, none of the 'adults' in the life agree with him.

Relationship Status... single. He's only 12, after all. But from Haruko to Mamimi to classmate Eri, Naota's got more than enough prospects. Mamimi thinks that Naota has feelings for Haruko, but he protests: "How can I like someone who's insane?"

Challenge... surviving Haruko. If it weren't bad enough that she nearly ran him over and harasses him on a daily basis, now she seems to have brought some sort of alien police force to their town... and she's decided to become his housekeeper. It's enough to drive any kid crazy, but luckily, Naota isn't just any kid. He'll get through this. He hopes.

Personality... serious, aloof, and far less mature than he tries to be. Naota tries his best to be stoic, even in the midst of the weird events occurring around him. But sometimes, even his mask cracks. While Naota might keep a straight face even as robots emerge from his forehead, mentioning other topics – like his older brother, whom he idolizes, or his mixed feelings towards Haruko – are enough to show the less mature side of him.


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