Character Recommendations Based on Bob Parr / Mr. Incredible

Aslan The Chronicles of Narnia

Part king, part guardian, part savior

Edmund Pevensie The Chronicles of Narnia

It's not that he's a bad person, he just has a lot of growing up to do. A lot

Alastar Mad-Eye Moody Harry Potter Series

A grizzled survivor and fearsome fighter who counsels "constant vigilance"

Haymitch Abernathy The Hunger Games

A surly alcoholic who uses sarcasm to mask his true emotions

Lucas Sinclair Stranger Things

When his friend goes missing, he's ready to fight

Beast Beauty and the Beast

Grumpy, furry, and lovably awkward

Stitch Lilo & Stich

Experiment 626 was designed for one thing: To destroy everything he touches

Woody Toy Story

Selfless leader of Andy's toys who likes change less than a snake in his boots

Anna Frozen

Not even a closed door will deter this eternal optimist

Fear Inside Out

A ball of nerves. A voice of caution