Marge Simpson

Marge Simpson

    The Simpsons
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… with two heartless sisters, Patty and Selma. Especially compared to her chain-smoking sisters, Marge was the “good girl” – although she first met Homer while serving detention for burning a bra. Even at a young age, Marge had a little flair under her all-American front.

Living… with her husband Homer and their three children: Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. She is a proud mother and often proves herself something of a super-mom. She’s a devout church-goer, even if it’s sometimes difficult to get the whole family to attend. She doesn’t let her family’s antics get in the way of her wholesomeness.

Profession… housewife. She takes care of the Simpson home with dignity and poise. She’s the sole caretaker of baby Maggie, and although she takes on many professions – from police officer to pretzel wagon entrepreneur – she remains a mother through and through.

Interests… hair products to keep up her enormously tall blue hair. Homer considers her interests pretty boring compared to his. In Homer’s words, “If it were up to [Marge], all we’d ever do is work and go to church.”

Relationship Status… married. She often responds to Homer with her classic throaty grunt of concern, but she’s happy to be a Simpson.

Challenge… keeping Homer and Bart from killing each other. Usually she’s protecting Bart from Homer’s rage… and strangulation. It’s a full-time job to keep the Simpsons out of trouble. But Marge saves the day time and again, proving herself a terrific mother and wife.

Personality… “normal.Marge is the most level-headed Simpson, and although she’s beaten out for “Most Intelligent” by the studious Lisa, Marge’s even keel leads Homer back to reality on numerous occasions. While she likes to keep things relatively normal, she has her own quirky side and isn’t afraid to buy a gun or support Homer’s crazy adventures – when the time is right. 


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