Character Recommendations Based on Nathan Hale

Heihachi Mishima Tekken

Don't let his old age fool you, Heihachi is a ruthless pragmatist who values self-reliance above all else

Jim Raynor StarCraft

A decent man in an indecent universe

Kazuya Mishima Tekken

The power of the Devil is now his and his alone

Chris Redfield Resident Evil Series

Fighting for a future without fear? Yeah, it's worth it

Sarah Kerrigan StarCraft

Pretty much the Queen Bitch of the Universe

Albert Wesker Resident Evil Series

The only thing the manipulative Wesker cares about is turning himself into a God

Ryu Hayabusa Ninja Gaiden

Those who stand against this singular super ninja are doomed to fail

Adam Jensen Deus Ex Series

He was a detached loner even *before* being turned into a cyborg

Isaac Clarke Dead Space

A resourceful ship systems engineer with a selfless streak and a will to survive

M. Bison Street Fighter

A diabolical megalomaniac hell-bent on dominating the world