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Grew up... in South Dakota. Nathan Hale was raised by various family members in South Dakota before joining the United States Army in 1945. He was a good soldier, but when a munitions accident killed most of his squad in a training exercise, he was slightly traumatized.

Living... wherever the war takes him. When Earth is invaded by a vicious alien force called the Chimera, Nathan bravely joins the war against them and travels across Europe and the United States combating the threat. 

Profession... a Sentinel. The Chimera reproduce by infecting humans with their virus. However, Nathan is part of an elite team of soldiers, The Sentinels, that can resist the effects of the virus while still taking advantage of the enhanced physical abilities it provides.

Interests… dying. While Nathan is an extremely effective soldier, military psychologists are often worried that his willingness to take on such risky missions reflects some kind of death wish.

Relationship Status... single. Nathan is single, reclusive, and tends to stay focused on his missions. However, he does care for Dr. Cassandra Aklin, a psychologist helping The Sentinels as part of Project Abraham.

Challenge... resisting the Chimera. As an infected soldier, Nathan must not only deal with the external challenge of fighting through the vast and powerful Chimeran army, but also the internal challenge of resisting the Chimeran virus mutating his body and mind from within. As he says, “This is just the beginning.”

Personality... withdrawn. Nathan is quiet and anti-social, especially with the virus chipping away at his brain. But he is also a very loyal and smart leader willing to sacrifice himself to protect humanity. 

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